Get to Know our Vibes

Raising Vibrations is an exclusive NYC Brooklyn based e-commerce store that specializes in Aromatherapy. All natural, hand made and hand poured products. 

Our core mission is to heal the world one product at a time. Aromatherapy is the use of natural fragrances of essential oils to enhance physical,  mental and emotional well-being.

The goal is to bring you Style, Health, Knowledge and Conciousness through our products. Our products are made with style but with your health in mind. Being a Certified Herbalist and a Spiritual Healer the knowledge of herbs and essential oils goes into our products for it's healing purposes. We are very conciousness of energy transfer so we only create in the highest of energy. Our products are meant to bring you good vibes. In the end the goal is to use Mother Earths products to "Raise Vibrations.


Art Life Apparels is an exclusive NYC  based e-commerce store that specializes in the provision of branded apparel and accessories for people of all ages. 

Vision and Mission Statement

Our core mission is to be the leading store supplying clients with the most unique of all apparel branded artistically, across Brooklyn, New York, United States. Through our branded t-shirts and more, we aim to inspire and brighten the mood of everyone who wears our products, with our colorful designs. Art Life Apparels is envisioned towards satisfying the abstract art lovers as we ensure that more people love and appreciate art as much as we do. We are geared towards creating branded yet incredible and sophisticated wears for everyone.