Spiritual Starter Box

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Spiritual Starter Box

Beautiful Raising Vibrations Healing, Cleansing and Manifesting Spiritual Starter Box has been specially chosen healing gemstone and accessories to restore and maintain the wellbeing of your personal energetic blueprint. It's the perfect "Spiritual Starter Box" and includes everything you will need as you embark on your healing journey. 


This box includes

1 Ritual bath salt to cleanse aura

1 Florida water to cleance and protect

1 Selenite wand to cleanse and recharge 

1 Palo Santo stick to cleanse and purify negative energies 

1 Sage stick clears and cleanse, raise vibrations 

1 Prosperity oil

2 dressed alter candles purity and prosperity 

3 tealight candles infused with herbs, crystals and essential oils 

-Smudge clear your space before ritual

-Manifest to help  attract your heart's desires 

-Protection to protect your Ritual

1 Abundance herbal tea for Sacral chakra 

1 mini match jar